Best Tools of the Crafting Trade

Hey, y’all! Today instead of a crafting tutorial, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tools of the crafting trade. I have trialed and errored (Yes, I know you aren’t supposed to say it like that.) my way through sooooooo many products. So today, I’m going to share the best ones with you to save you some money, time, and heartache.

1. Recollections Cardstock (found at Michael’s Craft Store)

I have tried all the brands sold in craft stores and can say with confidence this is the best. 65 lb cardstocks do not all feel or weigh the same. This is true, folks! This products sells for $4.99 for 50 sheets, which is pretty hefty in my opinion. But I have never paid that much for it. Often they have 3 for $10 sales or even better 5 for $10. I wait for that one and stock up as much as I can until the next sale, as I use the same colors repetitively.

recollections cardstock

HOWEVER, if you are buying white cardstock, the best choice and value is Georgia-Pacific Premium Card Stock Paper 110 lb. sold at Walmart. It is $5.46 or something like that and comes with 150 sheets. WONDERFUL STUFF!

White Cardstock

2. Scotch Advanced Tape Glider and Refills

Seriously the best adhesive ever made for crafting. Doesn’t run, is accurate, is the best deal for the money (I have checked, trust me) and is so strong. It is an expensive initial buy as it retails for about $45, but use a mobile craft store coupon and get 50% off so it won’t hurt so bad. Whenever I buy refills (2 pack for $10) I also use a couponScotch Tape

3. Pop dots

I use these on the regular and turns out I have never used a bad pop dot in my life and have used a few brands, so fear not and pick whichever one is cheaper. The Walmart ones work great, btw.

4. HP Photosmart Printer

I have had several different versions throughout my crafting life and these are wonderful and you can get a less new model for a very reasonable price. The most expensive thing is ink and it is worth it for how durable these printers are.

5. Silhouette Cameo

I could not would not want to live without my Silhouette Cameo. It is amazing! If you are a Silhouette user, you already know this, but for those of you who aren’t, I will share a post tomorrow that shows some of the different things you can do with it. The possibilities are endless!


This photo is from the Silhouette site. Visit HERE.

I was not paid to say any of this, so know I speak the truth.



Cate Crafts


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