Making Your Hometown Fun Again

Hey, everyone! This last week and a half has been so busy for me! I have three lovely nieces and they have been visiting Daytona Beach and staying with me and my family one by one, each for five days. Do you ever feel like you have done everything there is to do in your town? Does it get boring and stale? Well, I have definitely felt that way many times. I thought my daughter and I had done all there was to do in our town that is kid friendly. But these last days have had me rediscovering my home and finding new and exciting things to do to keep the girls entertained. I have so far been successful!


For those of you who are feeling that way I advise you to get on the internet and find new things.

1. I have found a great website for my town, a site specifically for moms, that gives you tons of ideas! They have compiled so much information and it has been such an awesome help! Look for a website for parents or tourists and peruse until you find a great one. It will become your go to guide! Volusia County Moms is my favorite for Daytona Beach!

2. Visit your town and the surrounding towns websites and look at the event schedules. You may find some great information here about local events and festivals. Here is a great one for Daytona Beach.

3. If you have a college in your area, there may be some things available to the public. For example, Daytona State College is in Daytona Beach where I live, and there is a free photography museum with stunning shows all the time. The indoor pool is open to the public for no charge as well. I love to visit the music rooms myself and play piano when I need some alone time. The arts programs there also provide low cost plays and musicals. Check out your local colleges and universities!

4. Facebook groups can be great for information as well. See if there are any groups specific to your town that share local events and happenings. (Daytona Beach Moms is one, and I am an admin. Feel free to join if you are a local!)

5. Your local library! There is always stuff going on at the library and it is almost always free. Check it out!

For those of you who live in Daytona, here are some great family friendly activities:

1. That One Fun Place– Filled with bounce houses and slides, has a great toddler area, has cameras and good security, and airbrush face painting. You can’t ask for more! Great for too hot days.

2. Marine Science Center– Ponce Inlet has this gem. A Sea turtle hospital with so many great animals to look at, short classes to sit in to learn about animals, an outdoor bird exhibit, stingray feedings (you get to actually feed them and it is so cool), and low admission costs.

3. $1 Summer Movies at Regal theaters in Port Orange and Ormond. ($2 Small Popcorns, too!)

4. Free Movies Under the Stars at Port Orange City Center.

5. Tippi Toes Dance Classes

6. Vacation Bible Schools all over with low cost admission or free! Worth taking a look at!

7. Whim Wham Art Studios has great kids programs and great activities for adults too!

8. Daytona Lagoon is a great little waterpark with lots of non-water activities as well!

These are just a few! The tip of the iceberg!

Take the time to find out what great things you can discover in your hometown and make this summer great!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts


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