Free Printable Feel Better Card

Hey, everyone! This week has been awesome! I got to spend time with my oldest friend and go to a concert by my favorite band! I have loved them since high school, my love is strong! They stopped making music together years ago but joined together again for a new album and tour and it was just amazing! Copeland is the band and Ixora is their new album. It is a MUST have! Visit here to listen! Visit here to purchase and find out more about them.

I was able to sell at Artisan Alley in Deland again this week and the turnout was great! I got to chat with lots of awesome folks and had a great Friday there.

In other news, here is a new Free Printable Get Well Card! Click here to download the PDF, print, cut on the lines, and fold in half. Easy Peasy! Isn’t it a cute one?! (Sorry about the lighting, night time makes for a lack of natural light and all that!)

 Enjoy! Have a great day!

Love, Sarah

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