Sight Word Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers

Hello everyone! I wanted to share our Sight Word Scavenger Hunt idea with those of you who have or care for little ones! This activity is great for putting numbers in order, number recognition, sight words, and having FUN!!

I cut out the numbers 1-9 with my Silhouette die cutting machine. However, you could just as easily write the numbers on pieces of paper and save yourself the trouble of cutting.

Then I used some scrap papers and wrote a bunch of sight words on the front of each one. Mom, Dad, cat, in, the, do, see, baby, and YAY (for the last number).

On the back of each sight word card, I wrote something she had to do before she goes to find the next number. Each instruction’s sentence included the sight word on the front of the card. For example: cat = go pet the cat and then find the next number.


 It differs from a traditional scavenger hunt in this way, but I wanted to make it more about number order and recognition and sight words than figuring out riddles and clues. I didn’t want to make it a difficult task. I put up the numbers, each with a clue, around the house. I didn’t hide them, so she could plainly see them. The trick is she has to go to the numbers in order. She may see a 5 or a 7 but she can’t just go to that one, she has to follow number order. 


We looked at each clue word and the letters in them, sounded it out, and I read the instruction on the back of the card. Once she completed the task, we moved to the next one. The last one, number 9 and the word YAY told her to go pick a treat. 


She was thrilled with the prize for finishing the scavenger hunt!

I would love to hear how it goes if you try it!


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