Free Printable… Saturday!

Hey, everyone! I had a great time last night at Artisan Alley in Deland selling Cate Crafts goods to the public! It was a great group and I had a lot of fun. My lovely sister-in-law joined to keep me company and bring me bottled water. It was SERIOUSLY hot yesterday. I can’t believe summer is almost here! Our friend Matt Smith, from The Cultured Hound, was also in attendance and helped us tear down. Yay! If you have a pup, you must check out The Cultured Hound, owned by Matt and Tasha Smith. They make awesome gourmet dog treats and toys, are great people, and are super active in charities and in the community. Even if you don’t live nearby they have a great, reasonably priced subscription service that will mail treats right to your house.

Here was our setup:


Today I am sharing a cute free printable that would be great in a nursery or playroom! Click HERE to download the PDF.


And of course, if you want that rustic, cottage-chic look, you can always buy it on burlap from me 😉 HERE.

let them be little

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts


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