What’s New? Nautical and Adventure Items!

Hey, everyone! I am a little late with this post, but I’m sure no one minds! 🙂 I met with a bride this week who is having a travel/tropical/nautical themed wedding. In preparation I made a few new nautical prints for the Cate Crafts Etsy Shop that turned out pretty great!

Good Place Print The Moment You've Been Waiting For

The Nautical Anchor Ring Bearer Sign is for the ring bearer to hold to announce the arrival of the bride to the groom and guests. How sweet would that be!?

The Good Place Nautical Burlap Wall Décor I made when thinking about my honey. When I think about him, I think about how he is like a good, safe place. This print would be a great romantic gift, housewarming gift, or wedding prop

And last but not least, my best friend is having a baby. I created these actual WOODEN postcard baby shower invitations and have been super excited about them! They are so thin and light but when you touch them you see they are really made of wood!

 Arrows And Adventure Postcard

Come check these out and find something great in the Cate Crafts Etsy Shop!

XO, Sarah


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