Easter Ideas For Your Kids

Hey everyone! I’m getting into Easter mode here and am getting excited! We have the dress and flower crown (for my daughter of course) and I have collected a couple of Easter  basket stuffers so far. I spent some time on Pinterest and found some really fun Easter ideas and thought I would share the list with you. We probably won’t do all of these, as I am not Wonder Woman, but I really liked all of these ideas and found a few about the real meaning of Easter. Candy and egg hunts and crafts are great but now that my little one is old enough to start understanding these things, I want to make sure she knows the true reason for Easter. 

1. Meandmyinsanity has a great free printable poem from the Easter Bunny to your child about the true gift of Easter. How cute!


2. Michelle Paige shared this idea from Detail Oriented Diva and it is super adorable! 


3. This looks fun for adults and kids! And what a great way to use my paper scraps. Here is the idea on Minted.com.


4. HandmadeCharlotte.com shared some lovely ideas she found, my favorite being this one. We are definitely doing this!


5. Studio DIY made this great egg popper thing that looks like soooo much fun, but has some definite prep work to it. Check it out!


Before I leave you I want to share a helpful hint for next year! After Easter is over, buy Easter stuffers and crafts for next year. Hobby Lobby is especially great and their Easter stuff goes down to 80-90% off after Easter. I got my daughter’s basket for this year for less than a dollar and some Easter hair clips and lip glosses for cents! All I am doing now is adding some cupcake Goldfish and some other little things and I am good to go! Target and Michaels also go 80-90% off on their holiday stuff too! 

Have a great day and share some of your Easter ideas and traditions with us!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts


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