Quick and Easy Watercolor and Stamped Card Tutorial

Hey you guys! I am going to show you a quick and easy card tutorial. I am loving all the watercolor stuff I am seeing lately. Even in graphic design (I’ve been searching for a logo for Cate Crafts) and there are some really neat watercolor designs out there. I had this great Heidi Swapp stamp and stencil set that I got on  clearance and with a coupon and thought it would be perfect for this. I’ve been wanting to use it!



First I cut a piece of scrap white cardstock to the size of the polka dot stencil.


Then I used my shimmering watercolors (but I think any old water colors would do, even kid watercolors) to make a messy polka dot surface. My husband got me these amazing watercolors at a small scrapbooking shop in downtown St Augustine on our anniversary a few years ago. Sweet man! I didn’t worry about it being perfect. Make sure you use only a tiny bit of water. You don’t want to warp your paper.


It turned out like this and I let it dry for a few minutes.

I already had this glittery A2 blank card lying around so I used it.


Next I stamped my clear stamp on the white paper. I glued it on the glitter card and tied a ribbon around it. Easy peasy! Here is how it turned out. Cute, right?



Show me some of your card projects!

Love, Sarah

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5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Watercolor and Stamped Card Tutorial

  1. I enjoy the watercolor process and using small watercolor paintings glued to the front of ready-made plain greeting cards! Just mailed one yesterday and forgot to photograph it…darn!


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