Free Printable Thank You Card


Hey everyone! Just another Free Printable Friday! I had a conversation this month with someone that has stuck with me. This person mentioned to me how great it is that I do thank you notes when I can. She mentioned that people have told her how much they love it when I send them notes.  I am by no means perfect about giving out thank you notes, and sometimes I let it fall through the cracks, but I try to make sure I do it often and make sure people know they are appreciated. A verbal thank you is a great thing, an important thing. But sometimes it is important to take it to the next level and send a note or a token of thanks. This person I was talking with is one of the sweetest and most giving people I know, always taking care of other people and helping while expecting nothing in return. But she did mention to me that the people that she does these things for have NEVER sent a thank you note. Let us all, myself included, try to be better. Let’s try and make sure the people in our lives are appreciated. I think this is a great and super easy way for us to make someone’s day great! It is for this reason I have created a lovely and simple Thank You Card that you can print right from your computer. Click here to download the PDF. After it prints, cut on the lines and fold in half. Add an envelope and you are set!

Love, Sarah

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