New Birthday Card Sets at Cate Crafts’ Etsy Shop

Hey everyone! Back to real life now! The vacation is officially over, but I don’t mind 😉

New in the Cate Crafts Etsy Shop are these beauties!

102_5109 102_5118 102_5134 102_5143

They come in sets of 5. They are handmade, heat embossed birthday card sets. Why should you buy them, you ask? Well let me tell you! We have all done it- that last minute trip to the grocery store to get a card RIGHT before the party? The one where we end up spending way too much money on a card? Well here is your solution! You will pay less per card for these than you would at a chain store, and you have a pretty, handmade card to add to your gift that people will love. No more last minute trips to the store! Keep these handy and your problems are all solved (ok maybe not all your problems, but your birthday card problems at least!) Come check them out!

Elegant Pink Happy Birthday Card Set

Yellow Happy Birthday Card Set

I also added a Custom Listing for people who haven’t found a print that meets their needs. I will create a custom print for no extra charge! That’s right- the same cost as all the other prints! Check it out here.


I hope you are all having a great day!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts Etsy Shop

PS- Come like Cate Crafts on Facebook to be automatically entered into a giveaway. Once I hit 100 likes, some lucky person will receive a free personalized Family Name Split Monogram Burlap Print:

Split Monogram Flourish Print

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