A week off!? 

So this week I took off to Texas on a last minute trip to visit my sister, her husband, and my three neices. I had a week off and decided to use those lovely southwest airline buddy passes for airline workers’ families to take a trip to let my daughter see snow for the first time and have fun with her cousins! So that is why I have taken the week off if you noticed my blogging silence! We had a great time and got to visit a gigantic mall with a carousel, a movie theater, and electric animals you can ride around- for real! 

Plano, Texas has some great shopping and lots of things to do for kids and adults! We got to do a Build-a-unicorn at the Build a Bear workshop….. 

Which was a pretty spectacular way to spend  an hour and like a million dollars ha!!

We were very spoiled by Aunt Sissy and got to go to chuck e cheese,

got to play at the park and see some nutria, or river rats, that were super strange,


and we got to go to Shipley Donuts, a favorite of my in-laws! 

There was a tiny bit of snow/sludge but we enjoyed throwing snowballs with it all the same! 

And check out the amazing hello kitty pancakes we made! 

It was a great week! Visit again Monday to see the new releases at the Cate Crafts Etsy Shop! 


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