DIY Thinking of You Card Tutorial

     So this adorable card is super quick and easy to make. Don’t let the long instructions fool you, I promise it is easy! I just am giving you lots of details for this tutorial! I chose a You Are Loved stamp for this card, which puts it in the Thinking of You category, but you can use any stamp you want to make this a thank you, birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or really any type of card. I have a Silhouette cutting machine, which makes this project a snap. If you don’t have something like that, you can always do this by hand, although it will take a bit longer.

The supplies I used:

1) Silhouette machine and Silhouette Software (or for those of you who don’t have one you can use scissors or a paper slicer and a rounded corner punch instead)

2) Recollections adhesive lace ribbon

3) Coordinating cardstock (3 patterned, 1 solid)

4) Scrap of Corrugated Cardstock I had on hand.

4) Scotch Advanced Tape Glider

5) Glitter Chipboard Flower (optional)

6) Small Pink Fabric Flower (optional)

Materials 5 and 6 can be changed out for whatever you have on hand, like jewels, bows, etc. I just looked through my box of odds and ends and picked some cute things that would go well with my cardstock.

First thing I did was make a card.


Download the A2 Card Base here.


Cut an 8.5 in by 5.5 in rectangle for the card base. Use your rounded corner punch if you want to create a card with rounded corners. Then carefully fold the card in the middle nice and evenly.

Next I created 2 smaller layers using coordinating cardstock.

           The first measures 4.5 in wide by 3.25 in high. Round corners with punch or create a rounded   rectangle in Silhouette Studio.

           The second layer measures 3.5 in wide by 2.5 in high. (These don’t have to be exact- make it your own way!). Round corners again.

           The third layer is made of solid coordinating cardstock and measures 2.75 in wide and 1.75 in high. I kept the pointed corners for variety!

Then I used my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (The best adhesive out there in my opinion- easy, great value, and it really sticks well.) to adhere the scrap of corrugated cardstock across the width of the card. Then I adhered the layers from biggest to smallest on the center of the card. Stamp your solid cardstock with your stamp and choice of ink BEFORE gluing it on.

Then you get this….

Next glue on your fun extras that you have on hand. I used a fabric flower and glittered chipboard flower.

Last but not least I added a small piece of pink Recollections adhesive lace ribbon on the solid cardstock below my stamped image. It adds so much!

Now you are done and it looks beautiful! I would love to see your versions if you try it yourself! Happy Crafting!

Love, Sarah

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