Ready For Fun With Your Kids?

Hey! I thought today I would share some of my favorite fun activities from some really great other blogs and websites. My daughter and I have done all of these quite a few times and always find them to be a blast, so here you go!

How To Make Rainbow Pasta by Gimme Some Oven – this really works btw! We used penne pasta and it turned out fantastic! Or you could use my favorite noodles- Squash Hidden Vegetable noodles in the noodle aisle at Publix. They are SOOO good and your kids will never know they are eating vegetable noodles! It is great to cook with your kids. They get to spend time with you, they get a confidence boost doing something so grown up, and they get to have fun!

Exploding Sidewalk Chalk by Growing a Jeweled Rose- this is so much fun, even my husband likes participating in this fun time!

Milk Art by Flutter Flutter- this is a MUST! It is done with household ingredients and is really cool, even for adults!!!

Hopefully these will keep you and your little ones busy this week. Have fun learning and playing!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts


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