DIY Kids’ Writing Activity: Make Your Own Book

Ok so a while back I was doing some babysitting. I went to my scrapbooking room when it was almost time to leave the house and took a quick look around. You can almost always find something fun to do if you use your imagination and use what you have around the house. I had some really neat chipboard books that I got at Michaels for around 25 cents a while back. I just love those 80 percent off sales! They are four pieces of chipboard attached by a metal ring and it makes a fun little book. Improvise if you don’t have something like this. There are tons of different things you could use to make a little book.

There is a picture of some of my supplies. This was a very simple project. I had the kids pick some fun patterned cardstock. Then they traced the chipboard page on the back side of the paper they chose. Once they did that, they cut out what they had traced and used mod podge to adhere the paper to the book pages. (We did front and back).
As you can see, they had fun!
While the Mod Podge was drying, we took some paper and pen and brainstormed all the random words that came to our head. Once we had a good number of words, we cut them into little paper strips and placed them in a basket.


We each picked six words (from this experience, I recommend picking 3 words or this game can go forever) and began the game. I went first and had to come up with the beginning of a story, incorporating those six words. Pick one person to type the story as you go so it will be on the record. Then the next person picked up where the story left off and using their six words continued the story until we were able to end. It was a lot of fun and was a pretty ridiculous hour or so. With the typed story finished, we printed it on white cardstock and mod podged the story onto the pages of our book. Feel free to do it yourself and modify my ideas, add some illustrations, go wild! This was a great way to spend a few hours!
And the finished product:

 It may not be perfection, but it was done by little ones
and it is something they can be proud of!
I would love to see your versions if you decide to try it!
Love, Sarah

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