DIY Alphabet Recognition Game for Preschoolers

Hello there, everyone! The other week I shared this with someone and thought I would share it with the world as well. My child just turned four and she knows pretty much every letter in the alphabet and can identify each of them (there are a few she struggles with though). We made a letter recognition game that she LOVED. It was so simple and easy! We cut out two large apple shapes (you can do circles or squares if that is easier) and labeled them with an uppercase letter and lowercase letter, for example G and g. Then we made a bunch of smaller apples, half labeled with uppercase G and half labeled with lowercase g. The game was simple: she had to sort them and place them on the appropriate large apple. Simple enough, right? But the thing that really helps is to have him/her say “big G” or “little g” out loud as they sort them. Then they are learning visually and audibly. The repetition helps their little minds remember. We did one letter a week to start with. Once they have mastered some of the letters you can make it more challenging and do two letters at once. Easy! Happy learning!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts

IMG_0022 (1)


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