New Release Monday and Gift Ideas For Your Man for Valentine’s Day

Hello, everyone! I have added two new kitchen/dining room prints to the Etsy shop! Aren’t they cute?!

DSC_0230 DSC_0237

Click on the text to visit the Retro Girl Burlap Print and Ready Set Eat Burlap Print at my Etsy shop. And now for a good story…

What do men want for Valentine’s Day? Meat. Probably meat. (Unless he is a vegetarian, of course.) Once I gave my husband a box of meat for his birthday. You might think this is strange if you don’t have a deeply carnivorous husband, so let me give you some back story here. He LOVES meats and cheeses. And sandwiches. If I make a meal without meat he suffers silently, or not so silently, through it. And after five years together, I know not to touch his sub without permission. Ha! So I went to a local meat shop and got a bunch of meat: ribs, fish, blue cheese topped filet, crab, stuffed chicken breasts, etc. They wrapped them in the pretty white paper for me and put it in a big box. I put a bow on top and I had the perfect gift! His reaction was priceless. He kissed me hard, hugged me tight, told me he loved me so much, and then arranged all of his packages nicely on the stovetop to take pictures of his gift to send to his friends. Yes, this is a true story. He still says it is the best gift I have ever given him. So should you put  a box of meat in the running for a gift for your man this Valentine’s Day? Yes, probably. (This year I have ordered a Publix Ringleader Party Sub for him for Valentine’s Day. He will be eating sandwiches for DAYS!)

So in honor of the season of love and meat lovers everywhere, I have added this beauty to the Cate Crafts Etsy Shop for you to purchase.

Deli Meats Burlap Wall Decor

Deli Meats Print

Wouldn’t this look great in a man-cave or office? Or maybe as table décor at a party in his honor? What a great gift idea 😉

Love, Sarah


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