Tutorial Tuesday: Heat Embossing

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Hey there, y’all! I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on heat embossing! It is really quite simple and adds a ton of flare to your paper projects. I wish you could see it in person as it is hard to capture the full effect in a picture, but trust me it is beautiful! There are so many different embossing powders you can use- neon, glittery, etc. Once you heat emboss an image it is permanent and becomes hard and raised, and if you use glitter embossing powder like we do today in this project, it shines like crazy!

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Supplies I used:

  • Sparkly Silver Embossing Powder
  • Heat Embossing Gun
  • Ranger Embossing Ink Pen
  • Scotch Advanced Tape Glider and Foam Pop up Dots
  • Patterned and White Cardstock
  • Computer
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • brads
  • adhesive cork scraps
  • paper flower and heart embellishments

These are easy to do in bulk. Once you have your heat embosser out, it is pretty much just as easy to do 10 than to go to the trouble for one. Ok! I cut the patterned cardstock to A2 card size and folded, using the extra rectangular scraps to add layers.


You can really design the cards however you want! Mine turned out pretty cute. Now for the heat embossing!

I printed some birthday and baby sentiments on white 110 lb cardstock in light grey (I was using silver embossing powder and a white embossing ink pen so I chose light grey to minimize the risk of it showing through the powder).


Then I used my Ranger pen to trace the letters quickly. Think of this pen as sticky ink. When you pour the powder on it, it sticks, just make sure you don’t let the ink dry.**Hint- when doing your second and third and fourth sentiments, just scoop up the glitter powder you already poured and shake it around on there that way you don’t end up pouring the whole bottle of glitter powder out. Also, do this on a piece of paper so you can pour it back into the bottle  later.**

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Once you have embossing powder on all of your sentiment cards, you turn on the heat embosser and heat them one at a time. These things are extremely powerful and can burn carpet and tables, so do it on some cardboard or something of the sort. Hold 6-8 inches away from the paper and slowly heat it up. You will see the change as it happens. It quickly turns into a raised, beautiful image instead of a powder! If you hold the gun too close to the paper it will bend the paper, so be patient and keep it up! 🙂



I would love to see if you try!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts


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