Let’s Bring Cards Back: Getting Personal

I realize that I should have prefaced yesterday’s DIY Valentine’s Day Card post with this post. That’s alright, though!

Although we live in a digital age, where everything is done via phone, computer and tablet, there is something to be said for the good old fashioned card. Yes, email and text have their place and are so useful. But there is something special about getting good old snail mail.

I believe in thank you cards. I believe in thinking of you cards. I believe in LOVE notes. My husband writes me love notes pretty frequently and I love it. I write him notes in his lunch. (We have a thing: he gets me the occasional bundle of flowers and I pack his lunch. We were talking one day and I told him I’d like to get flowers more often because it makes me feel special and I asked him what I could do for him that he likes. He said he would like it if I packed his lunch more. So simple, but it makes such a difference!) I don’t know anyone who hates getting an encouraging note or a handwritten expression of love. You could do that via text, yes, but when you have a great handmade card it shows that you put thought into it and planned it in advance. If my husband wrote me a love email I would think that it was nice but kind of strange! It should be personal! Same goes for thank you and thinking of you cards. If you have the chance to make someone feel special then… why not? And people LOVE getting mail… at least I think so. I know I do.

So something to think about- let’s bring back handmade cards and snail mail. Let’s bring back love notes and thoughtfulness!

Love, Sarah

Cate Crafts


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