Rainbow Cloud Children’s Craft: Making the Most of What You Have

Hello, everyone! I have been wanting to try this craft from MeettheDubiens.com with Haskel, but did not have all the proper supplies. Then I realized, she is three years old. She doesn’t need it to be perfect, she will think it is beautiful no matter what because she MADE it. So I dug around in my scrapbooking room until I found some things we could use. Here is a list of what I used, but if you don’t have one of these supplies try to be creative and find a substitute supply around the house!


*Ribbon (and felt was our substitute)

*White Cardstock

*Markers or crayons

*Kid scissors


🙂 I found some thin ribbon that would work and for the rainbow colors I didn’t have I found some yellow and red felt that we cut into strips. See?


Then I used a marker to create a cloud shape with little dots so that she could trace it. Why did I do this, you ask? It turns a regular craft into an excellent drawing and pre-writing practice and she gets to work on her fine motor skills cutting out the shape she traced!


Easy Peasy! Now I got the markers out and she gave the cloud pink eye(s). Decorate away! Then line up the ribbons on the back of the cloud and tape them down.


And look! You have a beautiful rainbow cloud! And it didn’t bother my sweet girl one bit that we had to improvise with supplies.


Happy Crafting! Are you going to try it? I would love to hear how you improvise. Give us some ideas! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Rainbow Cloud Children’s Craft: Making the Most of What You Have

    1. I’m glad you like it! If you and yours try it, show us pictures! She loves to cut just about anything so any craft modifications I can make to involve cutting she thinks is great. And it is such good practice for the young ones! 😊


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