Bubble Wrap Boot Paint Stomp

So, I have been working my way through my Pinterest board so I can be a doer and not a just a pinner! Pinterest is a trap! You can spend hours on it pinning things and never do any of them, so I do my best to try as many of them as I can.

Yesterday we did the Bubble Wrap Boot Paint Stomp and let me tell you what- it was FANTASTIC! Keep in mind it was ten minutes of setup for five minutes of fun (once you stomp all the little poppers out of the bubble wrap the game is pretty much over), but it was definitely worth it. Helpful hint- **use washable paint or your sidewalk will be doomed.**


Things you need:


*Bubble Wrap

*Large art paper

*Washable paint

*Paper Plates

I got the idea from Pinterest, but here is the original link from Mess for Less! http://www.messforless.net/2014/02/bubble-wrap-stomp-painting.html#_a5y_p=1279520

Vicky was a brave woman and let her child do this indoors, but we opted to take this outside. I just wrapped her feet in bubble wrap, taped it well, put some paint on paper plates, laid out and taped down several large sheets of art paper and let her stomp her way to happiness! I hope you try it and have some fun!

Love, Sarah

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(try not to judge how badly we need to pressure wash this porch!) lol


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